When experience embraces technology.

Stormwater Roofing is proud to be a green company providing green jobs to Oklahoma. We are playing a vital role in making Oklahoma even greener by lowering the carbon footprint of countless buildings. Our roofing solution is earth-friendly, labor friendly, and has a minimal eco footprint. Also, it can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the building. A green solution in both senses of the word.

  • We have been serving Oklahoma since 1983.
  • We can handle any job of any size be it residential, commercial, government or military.
  • We can be your one stop solution for all your repair needs be it siding, guttering, or a new roof.
  • We were the first roofing company in Oklahoma to offer the revolutionary Hydrostop water-proofing roofing system.
  • We have the experience to water-proof any size job.

With our almost 30 years of experience you can be confident in our ability to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.









Our Advantage

Stormwater Roofing is proud to be the first and most experienced provider of the revolutionary Hydrostop water-proofing system in Oklahoma. It has been in use on the East Coast for more then two decades and is finally making it our way. It is the last roof you will ever need. As you’ll soon learn Hydrostop simply has no competition.

Green & Energy Efficient Roofing

Hydrostop has a high albedo and thermal emittance. While conventional vinyl or tar based roofs simply absorb the sun’s radiation Hydrostop reflects back the great majority of heat. On a blistering hot 100 degree day our roof is rarely more then 10 degrees hotter while a conventional roof may be up to twice as hot. That is why Hydrostop is certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council as a cool roof and is also listed under the Energy Star Roof Products Program. What this means is a steep drop in utilities. Air conditioning units don’t have to run as often, lowering your electric bill and helping the planet and your pocket.

No Tear Off & No Business Interruption

Hydrostop almost never requires a tear off of the previous roof. Which is great for the environment. Far fewer materials make it to a landfill for future generations to worry about. No tear off also means less noise then with other kinds of roof applications. Hydrostop is odorless and non-toxic. Which means that it can be installed while business continues in the building below. No interruption of your business, no loss of income.

100% Waterproof & Weather Resistant

Compared to other green roofs such as Duralast (which is a type of Thermoplastic PolyOlefin also known simply as TPO) only Hydrostop can withstand Oklahoma’s famously unpredictable weather. TPO roofs are made of a material that is rolled out, cut to shape, and then bonded to the roof. But what about the seams and cracks? Traditional and TPO roofs leave plenty of openings for Mother Nature to get a foothold. But not Hydrostop. Our solution is a Fluid-Applied Sustainable Cool Roof System (FASCRS). It essentially is a paint on acrylic solution. There are a minimum of four layers that are applied and once it dries it is a single unified surface – no seams, no edges, no cracks. It is a single monolithic system. Wind uplift and Oklahoma’s weather are no match. Only Hydrostop is certified by Miami-Dade County Florida to be resistant to the wind uplift that typically shreds most other roofs during hurricane season. Hydrostop can take all that Mother Nature can dish out and still be water proof. That is why we call Hydrostop “Hurricane Tested, Tornado Resistant.”

Unbeatable Warranty

We offer an unbeatable warranty. Our roofs are certified by Hydrostop themselves. They inspect the roof and issue the warranty. At the end of the warranty cycle (be it 10 or 20 years) the roof will merely require another layer of the final coat. Thats it. No tear off, no re-roofing. One more layer of the UV protective final coat and you get another 10 years under warranty. Hydrostop can literally be the last roof you ever install. It can be renewed every 10 years for the entire life of the roof.

100% Tax Write Off

We can save you money in other ways as well. Only Hydrostop is listed by the IRS as a maintenance system can be a 100% tax write-off. Comparatively other systems can only be partly written off, maybe only 30%. Our roofing system pays for itself through its effectiveness at keeping your building water proof, through its tax category, by never requiring you to close down for installation, and by drastically lowering your energy bill. As we like to say we simply have no competition.



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